Piano Lessons

Want to learn Piano? 

I am currently teaching students ranging from 3 years old to 60, beginner to advanced. I let the students guide their learning; if they want to do exams we do that. If they want to learn chords and play along to songs on the radio, we do that too. 

I make sure that all my students can read music notation, have a basic understanding of musical terms and markings, and get a chance to play a wide range of music no matter their interests.


I have played piano most of my life, starting when I was 4 years old alongside my grandfather. He was a Jazz musician, playing in bands around Geelong. He would wear a hole in the carpet with his enthusiastic foot tapping! 

I started formal lessons at Monea Music Centre (now Oxygen College) when I was 6, and had lessons there until I was 18. During that time I completed practical exams up to Grade 7 and theory up to grade 4. I also had 2 broken arms which my teacher was not happy about. There is a trophy on the front desk for Student of the Year which I achieved in 2004. 

I was a member of the Sweethearts in my final years at high school and played gigs around the country.


2016-current Photography Studies College Bachelor of Photography

2016-current Piano teacher at A&B Music

2014-2015 Piano Accordion lessons

2006-2009 Swinburne University Bachelor of Multimedia (Business Marketing)

2004 Grade 7 Practical Piano (Honours) and Grade 4 Theory (Credit) with ANZCA

2000-2004 Alto Saxophone lessons at Clonard

2000-2005 Clonard College

1993-2005 Piano Lessons at Monea Music Centre (now Oxygen)

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